Whale Watching & Scenic Tours in Cape Breton

Whale Watching & Scenic Tours in Cape Breton

I consider myself pretty fortunate to have been living along this beautiful coastline for over 12 years already. And that great open sea, it intrigues me just the same now as it did in the beginning. When I first moved to Cheticamp and got into photography I spent many hours on the whale cruise in search for some new images of the different type of whales that inhabit our waters. Now I am still finding myself out there every year, not even just for the whales, but also just to take in the serene landscape of Cape Breton from a different perspective.

The most common type of whale you will find here are the pilot whales. They may be small, but they can put on quite a show. Often times you will see them in larger groups and they can be quite playful and come quite close. Minke whales are also rather common and much larger, yet they are a bit more difficult to spot as they often go for a bigger dive once they surface. My favorite still are the humpback whales. They can seem like large crocodiles when they approach the boat. A few times I was lucky enough to watch them jump straight out of the water. Those moments are still some of the most memorable things I have ever experienced when it comes to nature and wildlife. Seeing such a massive animal propel itself with such force out of the water, straight up into the sky seems impossible but when you see it, you will be awestruck.

The times of year that you can see specific type of whales have shifted over the year.

You can expect Pilot and Minke whales to be around roughly from June until October. Humpback whales are generally around early and late in the season (May, June and September and October). Those are approximate timelines I have observed over the last few years. It’s best if you check in with the local tour operators.

Often times, you will see seals, eagles and maybe even moose and bear along the shore. I find the whales cruises are worth it just to see the coastline from a totally different perspective that you just can’t get from your car or anything else.

Cape Breton boasts a bunch of great options for getting out there.

Here are the links to the main ones. Enjoy your trip!!

Captain Mark’s in Pleasant Bay

Seaside Whale and Nature Cruise in Cheticamp

Captain Zodiac in Cheticamp

Oshan in Bay St. Lawrence

Zodiac Adventures in Ingonish

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