Photo credit:  Twig Hill Photography

The smell of the forest, the sound of a stream or a crashing wave, the chirping of a bird and the joy of standing on top of a mountain after the struggle to the top all have their ways of giving us that sense of calm, which a phone or a tablet just cannot give us.

We live in a time where all age groups are spending too much time inside and on their devices. A lot of people have become ‘nature-deprived’ and often they cannot see the negative effects that this is having on their lives.

It’s a simple message to just get out there and enjoy nature. But while sitting is now called the new smoking and anxiety levels are going through the roof, it seems like time spent in nature is starting to be overlooked as possibly one of the best way to combat many things that come with modern living.

Exercise is such a great way to make us feel better. The authors of the book ‘Your brain on nature’ coined an excellent term - "green exercise is exercise squared". Exercise squared - meaning that the exercise you get when outside is actually exercising you physically but also mentally, which means a happier, healthier you!!

We both love to exercise. We go to the gym regularly, but all the exercise we get outside has a much healthier effect overall on our bodies and minds than what the gym can offer.

And that is why we created this blog. We want to encourage people to search for as much contact with nature as possible and become less connected to their devices and social media profiles. We hope that the images and words on this blog make you excited about anything outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle wherever you are. Nature is always close by.

Cecilia does a lot of the writing for the blog and has a great interest in gardening, creating, and healthy living. Roman is always looking for new adventures and he is the one behind the camera. You can check out his portfolio at www.romanbuchhofer.com.

We are extremely fortunate to live in Cape Breton. It is an ideal place to find nature around every corner and we really hope to inspire visitors as well as locals to explore this beautiful island as much as possible!

Cecilia & Roman