Fishing Cove, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

If you’re looking to hike where there’s the sound of rushing water, lush ferns and mosses, with a finale of the ocean, you’re in luck with the Fishing Cove hiking trail. It is around 6km one way. The trail blew us away with how pristine nature is out here where it’s left to be undisturbed.

Buff hats

We both love our microfiber Buff hats. They are great for all the outdoor activities we pursue year around and we couldn’t live without them!


Hiking “Half dome” on the first day that it opened and experiencing Yosemite was truly incredible. It is just an amazing park and we will definitely come back this way. It was very humbling to walk among the giant Sequoia trees. California was a spur of the moment decision for us and ended up being the best decision we made.

Organic Farming in Margaree

Fresh, local produce from Peter and his crew at 'Front Porch Farms'. You can find him at the farmers markets in Baddeck and Cheticamp and if you are looking to work on a farm while traveling, this may just be the place for you!


Possibly the most dramatic landscape we have witnessed so far. Yes, it's unfortunately starting to become really busy with tourism, but if you head to the east, north or to the westfjiords, you will definitely find solitude. Get there soon, before it becomes even busier!

New Zealand

One of the best ways to describe New Zealand is that it has the best of Canada's landscape all packed into a small space. It's really mind blowing. Epic multiday hiking, amazing surfing and skiing and wonderful bike routes. A true paradise for some.


Quaint little fishing villages, beautiful national parks, a notoriously fun capital and extremely friendly locals. It's a great combination to visit Newfoundland after your stay in Cape Breton, as you can just take your vehicle on the ferry in North Sydney and make it across in a few hours!

Mount Katahdin, Maine

This is the start or the finish of the Appalachian trail. It's the second highest peak on the east coast of North America and a personal favorite. Various routes to the top, but the fun rock scrambling path 'Cathedral' on your way up and the 'Knife's edge' at the top, really make this a unique hiking experience

Cape Clear

One of the nicest vistas we know at any time of year, Cape Clear is a place of utmost serenity. We always wish that this would be the end of a long hike, but it is possible to get here by car via dirt road in the highlands. Please take good care when driving here as it can be potentially dangerous if you get lost.

Stand up paddle boarding in Cheticamp

There is such a variety of spots for paddle boarding in Cheticamp, that make it hard to pass up getting out there. Paddle around the fishing boats in the harbour, float down the river, across a lake or paddle towards that sunset on the ocean!

Tenerife Mountain, Cape Breton

Possibly one of the most stunning views on the island. It is breathtaking at any time of year, but the fall is particularly captivating. Oranges, reds and yellows below you, as far as the eye can see. It is definitely well worth the steep uphill section just before you get to the look off.

Cross Country Skiing in Cape North

With a variety of trails ranging in difficulty this place really has it all. Groomed, classic ski tracks and ideal conditions for skate skiing. Take a break in the cute hut and warm up next to the wood stove before heading back out there.